#team2go - Samuli Hiltunen

#team2go - Samuli Hiltunen, "el magico"


Name: Samuli Hiltunen

Mission: Bring solutions, while keepITsimple

My philosophy in life: Never give up

My childhood superhero: Earlier everyone who fight against wrong-doers, later on Lieutenant Columbo

I can’t live without: My family, Sauna, my Guitars and all kinds of challenges – keeps me feel alive while slowly rushing through the School of Life 

#team2go - Manuele Fumagalli

#team2go - the maestro himself, Workspace2go Founder Manuele Fumagalli


Name: Manuele

Mission: Transform a good idea into a better business

My philosophy in life: Follow your heart

My childhood superhero: Tim & Struppi

I can’t live without... : Fresh air, Tennis, Music, Family, Football, Friends, Italian Food, Beer, Traveling, Guitar, Sun, Sweets.

Mountains or beach: Beach

Mac or Windows: Mac of course

Migros or Coop: Migros

#team2go - Livia Knup

#team2go - Livia Knup, our crème-de-la-crème-intern


Name: Livi

Mission: finding Zurich's best spaces

My philosophy in life: You can do it if you really want

My childhood superhero: Kim Possible

I can’t life without... : my sister (and of course the rest of the family gang & friends)

Mountains or beach: Mountains

Mac or Windwos: Mac

Migros or Coop: Migros (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FdVRM3bqiw ! )

#team2go - Zef Markaj

#team2go - Zef Markaj, The Flying Dutchman


Name: Zef Markaj

Mission: Live a full life and leave a little bit behind when you are done

My philosophy in life: Be inspired and make sure you will not regret anything

My childhood superhero: Daredevil

I can’t live without… : Family, humor and my hobbies for self-fulfilment (and Sate sauce from holland, chocolate, alcohol, good movies, going out, there is so much :-) ) 

Mountains or beach: Barcelona which is both, Beach and Mountains

Mac or Windwos: Mac

#team2go - Béatrice Bleuler

#team2go - Béatrice Bleuler, the Japanese angel from Lausanne


Name: Béa

Mission: conquer the Romandie 

My philosophy in life: Don't worry, be happy

My childhood superhero: Totoro

I cant live without... : My friends and food

Mountains or beach: Beach 

Mac or Windwos: Mac

Migros or Coop: Coop 

I’m the best employee because...: I came a long way

Where i’d like to book a space: Coworking space perfectly located in Geneva


#team2go - Thomas Billeter

#team2go - Thomas Billeter, the mystery man in the background


Name: Thomas Billeter

Mission: Make Startups Fly

My philosophy in life: Make a Difference

My childhood superhero: Sandokan (only known by the afficionados of Emilio Salgari Novels)

I cant live without... : my family... and the Internet (unfortunately)

Mountains or beach, Mountain (definitively)

Mac or Windwos: No question: Mac

Migros or Coop: cannot tell, both I guess

I’m the best employee because...: I don’t work, I just offer my good advice

#team2go - Paulina Geers

#team2go - our team member introduction starts with our (loyal, best-looking) intern Paulina Geers


Name: Pauli​

Mission: Sales Sales Sales... and a little studying

My philosophy in life: "Every cloud has a silver lining"

My childhood superhero: Pippi Langstrumpf

I can’t live without...: My Friends & Family

Mountains or beach: Beach

Mac or Windows: Mac

Migros or Coop: Coop

Jeder Zweite an wechselnden Arbeitsplätzen tätig

Früher hatte jeder seinen eigenen festen Arbeitsplatz. Heute hingegen ist jeder Zweite vorwiegend an wechselnden Arbeitsplätzen tätig. Dies veröffentlichte vor kurzem eine Untersuchung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Personalführung, welche unter 647 Unternehmensvertretern in Deutschland durchgeführt wurde.

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